Tree trimming in Tarpey Village sparks criticism from neighbors

Fresno County says safety comes first

Ashlan avenue through Tarpey Village has a new look thanks to a team of tree trimmers. Fresno County calls it a safety project but some homeowners believe they butchered the trees.

The chain saws have been humming this week in Tarpey Village. The county says safety is its' top priority for pruning the trees so trucks don't hit them. Limbs that extend over the curb line end up becoming firewood.

The project definitely has the neighborhood talking. Chris Freund lives on Ashlan avenue. "Hacking the trees in half all the way down the street. Some of the neighbors aren't happy with that and people walking by said the whole neighborhood looks terrible with the trees cut like that. They did a horrible job."

County parks manager David Chavez stands by the project saying workers are removing a potential hazard on Ashlan avenue. He says they're not pruning the tree for aesthetics because safety comes first.

He adds the mission is to cut branches that tower over the roadway. But Chris Freund worries about trees that could tip the other way. "We're scared too of shift of weight that the tree falls over on the people's house."

One homeowner believes some of his neighbors will now have to call a tree service to remove the threat of big branches falling on their homes. Chavez says the county will take pictures of the trimmed trees to see if there is reason for concern. He adds there's a chance the tree trimmers could return and cut even more branches.

Tarpey Village is an unincorporated area between Fresno and Clovis. It has a population of nearly 4-thousand people.


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