Trashed High-Speed Rail lot cleaned by volunteers

Courtesy: Fresno Rescue Mission

Volunteers have now transformed a trashed, Downtown Fresno lot into a clear space.

The lot, at Ventura and G Streets belongs to the California High Speed Rail Authority.

Much of the trash was the result of goods people directly dropped off for the homeless over the holidays, including clothing and food.

But there were also needles on the grounds, creating a health hazard.

High Speed Rail sent a statement told Fox26 Wednesday, saying it would coordinate a clean-up.

But no timeline was provided.

So, Fresno Rescue Mission issued a call for volunteers.

They were out for about an hour and a half.

In that time, they collected a whopping three to four tons of trash.

The Rescue Mission's CEO Matt Dildine says people need to stop assuming the homeless will take whatever people give them.

They throw away things, too.

But they don't always have dumpsters to put their trash.

People are better off coordinating with area shelters if they'd like to donate.

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