Traffic closed on Shepherd for possible child abduction

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer and FBI holding a new conference (FOX26)

Fresno police have closed Shepherd Ave. between Cedar and Maple for a possible child abduction.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says a caller reported a young girl kidnapped by a man.

A van was passing by the Shepherd Avenue trail and two women say they witnessed an 8-10-year-old girl riding a pink scooter. The man walked up and grabbed her off the scooter. He ran away with the girl flailing her arms and kicking leaving the scooter on the trail.

The girl was described as wearing a purple sweater with a pink shirt underneath. She had royal blue pants on and brown hair.

The man was described as dark complected Hispanic or African-American.

Police are interviewing witnesses but say no child has been reported missing.

There are almost 50 Officers, volunteers, search dogs and even the FBI Rapid abduction team on the scene.

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