Three people rescued during high waves at Pismo Beach

Courtesy: Kelly McIntyre-Wonser

Seven foot waves kept lifeguards on their toes Tuesday at Pismo Beach.

A state parks lifeguard says three people got in trouble during an afternoon dip in the ocean.

The rescue team saw them in distress and hit the water immediately.

Kelly McIntyre Wonser took video of the rescue. You see one lifeguard sprinting through the water which turned out to be a long run.

Seconds later another team member comes into view from a different direction.

The three apparently got into trouble where the waves were crashing.

Then lifeguards reached the trio one person needed help getting to shore.

They towed her on a rescue board. A quick medical check determined that she needed to be treated at the hospital.

State lifeguards say Tuesday's waves were supposed to be the biggest this week. It's also a chilly swim in the ocean.

The water temperature is a chilly 60 degrees.

Just after the rescue Cal Fire posted signs along the beach warning swimmers about strong swells and undertow.

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