Thieves steal panels from backyard solar system near Fresno

Courtesy: Anastasia Bopp

When it comes to thieves, it seems nothing is off limits including solar panels. The Bopp family which lives west of Fresno had its solar system installed a few months ago.

During installation they asked if there was any chance someone might steal their panels.

The company rep said he's never seen it happen before. Now the Bopp's can say there's always a first time.

The sixty panel solar system just west of Fresno is something that sticks out in Anastasia Bopp's backyard. "They left this module and cut them like that and left the rest of it hanging."

Monday morning Bopp saw something missing. Four panels were gone. "The field had just been disked. There were fresh tire tracks where they had run through. They knew exactly

what to do." A repairman working on a tractor next door told the Bopp's he saw two men sizing up the solar system last Friday. They were wearing reflective vests and looked official.

"They came over, they scoped it out probably to see what type of tools they would need to remove the brackets and they left."

The company rep who sold them the system says he's never heard of anyone stealing panels before. The Bopp's intend to add anti-theft gear to keep this from happening again.

"They do produce tamper proof self capping hardware that goes on. There's also different types of epoxy that you can put on to make it a little more difficult to get these off."

The Bopp's also plan to add a fence in their backyard and a watch dog that likes to bark.

There are a few companies that offer anti-theft hardware. Here are the links

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