The future of the Oceano Dunes

The California Department of Parks and Recreation held a public works hearing in Downtown Fresno to discuss the future of Oceano Dunes near Pismo Beach. (Courtesy Pismo Dune Riders)

Tonight the California Department of Parks and Recreation held a public works hearing at the Radisson in Downtown Fresno.

The purpose of this was to discuss the future of the Oceano Dunes, and Pismo State Beach.

Recently the Air Pollution Control District issued the park to reduce its dust from the dunes by 50% over the next five years.

Along with changes to the parks dust emissions, the California State Parks is looking to make other changes to help resolve criticisms the park has faced in recent years.

"The park has some environmental issues they have to deal with. There's dust that blows off the park. They have some endangered species that live near the park. Its sometimes difficult managing those issues along with the off-roading," says Nick Lalanne of the Pismo Dune Riders.

Nick has been a part of several of these public works hearings in hopes of giving input on potential changes to the Oceano Dunes.

"The goal is to not just keep it open today, but lets keep it open for fifty years from now," says Lalanne.

According to Mat Fuzi, Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation says the goal of these public works hearing is to improve the access points, the recreation opportunities, and provide visitors a better experience.

"I feel like there is a sweet spot that can be met here. That everyone can get what their needs are and see everyone else get their needs. There's going to be some give and take but there's clearly an outcome that can be made here," says Fuzi.

One of the new proposals would be opening a campground near Oso Flaco, an area Fuzi says historically was a dunes access point, and would help eliminate some of the traffic near the Northern communities.

Many from Fresno felt having a Southern access point is very important as this proposal moves forward.

They are accepting input from the public until June 9th.

For more information on these proposals, visit the California State Parks site.

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