Teachers in Clovis Unified prepare for Monday's first day of school

Teachers in Clovis Unified prepare for Monday's first day of school (FOX26)

Traditionally Clovis Unified is one of the last school districts in the Valley to start school. Teachers at Jefferson Elementary spent part of their day getting their classrooms ready for school on Monday.

Twenty-three veteran teacher Lisa Peterson is getting her classroom ready for transitional kindergarten students. She teachers four year old's who turn five after the district's September first deadline for regular kindergarten. Peterson spends the first three months explaining class rules. "How to follow direction, how to sit down in a chair, hot to make a line and walk to lunch. A lot of social parts that they need are provided in this year."

Her classroom is almost ready to go. Peterson believes furniture placement makes a difference and enhances the learning process. When it comes to teaching four year old's, patience is a priority. "I truly believe that every teacher has an age they work well with. They have a skill they bring to the classroom and my skills is patience."

Problems always seem to surface right before school starts but principal Jeff Tiftick is ready for anything. "Like an air conditioner going down the week before school or the last end of a remodel and maybe have to relocate a teacher to a different place."

In the first weeks of school, Peterson says four year old's can't sit still. They want to explore and touch all the learning tools. "I enjoy the children. They make me laugh. They make me feel young so I'll stay around them as long as I can."

Jefferson Elementary is the second oldest school in the district. Next Monday Clovis Unified will welcome back nearly 39-thousand students.

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