Taco fundraiser for teen volleyball player fighting cancer

Lindsey Weimer in volleyball uniform.

A 14-year-old Fresno Christian volleyball player is now going through chemo but she isn't fighting her battle against cancer alone. She has her family by her side and a local restaurant is supporting her. It hopes others will join the fight by placing an order for tacos at special event for the teen.

Lindsey Weimer was diagnosed with cancer at the end of July this year. She's now in her 6th week of chemo. Her father Matthew Weimer says it's has been a major adjustment for Lindsey.

"It's a big step because it changes your life. It changes how you feel and how you look. Through it all, the thing that hasn't changed is her smile, " said Weimer.

He said the doctors say she has a long journey ahead but she has something that's keeping her in good spirits.

"I think is her foundation. A positive attitude of her trusting God. That he will lead her in the way that she has to go. I am seeing her have to put into action her faith. Not just to talk about it but to live it,” said Weimer.

After hearing about her condition folks at Chronic Tacos in Clovis said it wanted to help by hosting a taco fundraiser. Manger Evelyn Reimer says 15 percent of all proceeds goes to Lindsey.

“She radiated nothing but happiness and positivity. I thought wow she is a really great girl. Lindsey is special. ,” said Reimer.

"The cost for cancer treatment are astronomical. I have no idea what the final bill will be. Like Lindsey my faith in God is solid. I know he will provide. He has never left us without what we need. When people pitch in wither it be a little bit or a lot. It all goes to helping to support people who are having to walk a road that isn’t the easy smooth road. ” said Weimer.

The special event for Lindsey is Saturday from 5 P.M . through 9 P.M., . If you know someone else is in need Chronic Tacos says it would love to hear your story and see how it might be able to host a fundraiser for you. You can email the restaurant at

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