Supt. Yovino names student advisory group his super stars for March

Superintendent's African American student advisory council

Fresno County Superintendent of Schools Jim Yovino created an African American student advisory council two years ago to receive help and direction.

At a recent school board meeting the superintendent named his advisory board members his super stars for March.

Yovino met with his student cabinet nearly every month. "I've listened to them, I've learned from them, we've learned from each other."

His cabinet members attend Washington Union, Roosevelt, Clovis North and Central High East.

Avery Boyd represents Central. "I'm very thankful for Mr. Yovino to come in my life and give me the opportunity to be in the cabinet. I just hope my dreams and goals can help pursue other kids to do what I do."

Devonte Massey attends Washington Union. "He listened, he put down notes and he made things happen."

Yovino calls his advisory group great role models who came to the table with solutions to problems. "They haven't realized yet how powerful their voices are but they are. It's not only their voices but the way they carry themselves."

Advisory council members beamed with pride for being named his March super stars.

Joshua Williams attends Roosevelt. "It means a lot. It shows how much hard work we've put into our district and show how much we care for other students other than ourselves."

Nyasia Field attends Washington Union. "I felt like my voice was heard more with the Superintendent. So it was good."

Most of the students admit they didn't know there was a county superintendent of schools. Now they consider Superintendent Yovino a mentor and a friend.

Christian Wood of Clovis North is the fifth member of the African American student advisory council. A school track meet prevented him from attending the ceremony.

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