Study reveals it's not cheap to retire in California

    Housing takes a major chunk of the retirement check<p>{/p}

    California is an expensive place to live and it's also costly to retire here.

    The Global Atlantic retirement study reveals retirees spend 28 percent more than in nine other states sampled.

    Housing takes the biggest chunk of the retirement check.

    The study says California homeowners who are retired spend $2,575 on their monthly mortgage. The average in the country's nine other most populous states is $2,008.

    Despite the wide difference in mortgages Taylor Whelan of Whelan Financial says his clients aren't leaving the state.

    "They have their kids, they have their grand kids so there's a lot of compelling reasons even though financially California may not be the rest reason to stay here with the taxes we have.

    But there's a lot of other reasons why retirees are choosing to stay here over moving to other states."

    The study also found that 35% if retirees in California still have a mortgage payment. "They may have a funding shortfall and they may need to sell their home and downsize. In the event that happens we may take a look and see what

    their optimal scenarios are."

    Retirees who rent in California spent 66% more a month than the typical retiree, $1254 versus $753. Financial planner Portia White says a common misconception in retirement planning is that you'll send less once you stop working.

    "Retirement now is a new phase in life where people get to explore a whole side of who they are and so they don't generally spend less."

    White tells her clients to make sure they have enough money to last through their mid-90's.

    According to the study California retirees say their biggest regret is not saving enough.

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