Storage unit surprise for Fresno couple; many more victims may be out there

Couple believes there are many more victims

Fresno, CALIF. (FOX26) -- A Fresno couple claims a thief stole their wedding gifts out of their downtown Fresno storage unit.

Jack and Ashley Gaitan says SecurCare Self Storage never let them know that their unit was broken into back in February.

Now they believe there are other victims who haven't been contacted by SecurCare.

When the Gaitan's opened their unit last Saturday they discovered a huge mess. "They took all our wedding gifts. I can't remember them all."

The Gaitan's knew that something was wrong when they tried to open their unit on Friday. They couldn't get in because it had a new lock.

Saturday they found out what happened from SecurCare management. "There was a massive break-in they said between February and March.

They told us over 200 units were broken into. It ended up being ours."

SecurCare management told the Gaitan's their unit was hit back in February. "They never gave us a warning. No letter, no phone call, we had no idea we were broken into."

Management told them they must have slipped through the cracks. The thief got away with all kinds of small kitchen appliances they had planned to put in their soon to be new home.

"There's a bunch of different storage units all with the lock that they put on. So there's still probably 50 dozens of people that have no idea that

their unit has been broken into."

Fox26 News tried contacting SecurCare's media representative but no one returned our calls or emails.

We also contacted Fresno Police and a spokesperson says he's unaware of there being numerous victims.

The Gaitan's did receive an insurance claim form to fill out from SecurCare Self Storage.

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