Special Report: High Tech Hiking


The weather is already starting to change for the fall season, which makes for the perfect temperatures for hiking here in the Valley and up into our foothills.

Before you start exploring, there are ten things you should always remember take with you.

That’s why a group of hiking and rescue experts came together this to remind us all about how to change with the season.

Anna Roth with the Washington Trails Association highlighted the 10 essentials, including water, shelter, extra food and layers, a compass and map – and knowing how to use them. "Being prepared and knowing where you are and having proper supplies with you is what’s going to keep you the safest,” said Roth.

Eastside Fire & Rescue Deputy Chief Richard Burke said, "Give us the opportunity to get you help, open up that window just a little and give us a chance to get to you.”

Rescuers say it can take a while to reach places in the backcountry, so the ability to survive is critical, but King County, Washington now has a new technology to help find you faster.

It’s called Call Location Query or CLQ, and when you have cell coverage, it allows rescuers to ping your cell phone for an exact location.

But Roth warns, "Wilderness in Washington, one reason we like it so much is it’s so remote and you can escape, but sometimes that means a full disconnect, which is why cell phones aren’t a reliable safety net.”

It's also a good idea to look up recent trip reports for the hikes and trails you're planning on exploring, and always take a peek at the upcoming forecast.

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