Snow welcomed in Fish Camp, mountain communities

It’s winter, but it hadn’t really looked like it much of this season in the mountain communities near Fresno.

That was, until Monday morning.

“We need this really bad,” says Denine Gould, from behind the counter at Fish Camp General Store.

This season has been dry.

Gould and store owner Patti Stafford estimate the area has only received about eight inches of snow.

“We would normally have around eight to ten feet of it by now,” Stafford says.

Monday’s snow was a welcomed sight.

The store sells snow chains.

Gould says it kept the store busy.

“I even put some on…. a lot of men don’t know how to do it,” Gould said.

Outside, Caltrans crews worked to clear the snow off the road.

Even so, some drivers struggled to control their cars.

Caltrans workers tell Fox26 News they helped 40 to 50 drivers who spun out near Fish Camp.

A sign along Highway 41 in Madera County warned drivers they needed chains.

But drivers – many of them, tourists-- coming out of Yosemite were caught off guard.

“The snow surprised us very much. The path is beautiful, everything is very pretty,” says Pablo Gutierrez, who is visiting from Chile.

Gutierrez and his companion, Vinca Prisseng, say they had to buy jackets and hats to keep warm.

But the view, more than makes up for it.

“The landscape is very pretty,” said Prisseng. There’s snow, sun, clouds. You mix it, it creates a beautiful ambiance for visitors like us.”

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