Snow continues pouring down, causing a hazard around Shaver Lake


Shaver lake is now covered in snow for a second day, after catching a lot of drivers off guard Saturday.

One of the issues that causes a lot of accidents is that the second one person comes to a stop or slows down very quickly, it causes a very long line of cars also at risk to crash. Another big issue: the second you drive even a little bit off the road, the snow quickly gets extremely deep.

The snow this weekend at Shaver Lake was relentless.

Nathan Stephens and his family rented a vacation cabinbut had some trouble trying to get there Sunday.

“We did put them on back there and should’ve known, but we were told to put them on the front. Then we got up here and started sliding, and two-wheel drive, we need to put them on the back. So we’re doing this twice. But it’s better we figure this out now than sliding off the mountain,” said Stephens.

In conditions like the ones this weekend, even four-wheel drive isn’t always enough.

On driver near Shaver Lake had four-wheel drive and thought he’d be safe, but lost control and crashed into a gate.

Another driver was talking to a California Highway Patrol officer, and found out the hard way how crucial it is to use your emergency brake in the snow. Her parked Tesla slid right into the car behind her.

Saturday, the mountain looked no different. CHP went out to 12 reported crashes near Shaver Lake that night alone.

Luckily other people nearby stopped to help with chains, make calls, or even give rides to people whose cars had to be towed.

“There was a car that was down in an embankment, and we were scared because it didn’t look too good. So we thought we’d stop and go see, but we thought we’d ask this guy first, and he was stuck trying to put his cables on. So we thought we’d help him too, because he was stuck in the ice,” said Kent Klann, who helped a stranger check the chains on his tires.

Snow plows are going through trying to keep the roads as clear as possible, but they can only do so much.

“I wanted to see the snow, but not this much,” said Stephens.

CHP warns to drive slowly and carefully, keeping plenty of distance between you and the car ahead of you. The agency also warns not to drive up the mountain if you don’t have four-wheel drive or chains to put around your tires.

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