Snake wrangler makes houses calls in the Valley

Bella Britt believes every problem snake deserves a second chance

Spring in the Valley also marks the beginning of snake season.

If you find a snake in the grass around your house fear not because Bella Britt makes house calls for people with snake problems.

Britt has had a passion for snakes since she was a kid. She is fearless and willing to deal with any snake problem you have which includes rattlesnakes.

Her Facebook page says it all, Diary of the snake girl. Tuesday morning she snagged a gopher snake inside a Madera business. She says all snakes

are good for the eco-system. "These guys are great for rodent control. These guys will eat rats, mice and sometimes when they get bigger they'll even take

down ground squirrels and gophers." With a snake tong and a five gallon bucket Bella is ready for business. This experienced snake handler never wants to

see a snake destroyed. "They're beautiful. Again they serve a great purpose and I want to help people from trying to kill them."

She says there are state and federal lands where venomous snakes can be relocated. This is prime time for them to come out of hibernation.

"You'll find them out on roads a lot of times because they'll sunbathe. Rattlesnakes just like any other snake they are cold blooded. To digest their food

they have to be able to heat their bodies up." Snakes like to hide under big pieces of wood, downed trees, underneath rocks and tall brush. The list

doesn't stop there. "They definitely want to be near a water source, around a lake or rivers, creeks, stuff like that are very common."

Bottom line Bella is willing to roundup any snake problem you have at home. She believes every snake deserves a second chance.

Some of the rattlesnakes Bella catches are used to teach dogs. Dogs learn how to spot and smell them so they can keep their distance.

If you have a snake problem at your house you can contact Bella Britt by leaving a message on her Facebook page; Diary of the Snake Girl.

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