Several people credited with saving a girl who fell into a Fresno canal

girl saved from canal2.JPG

The Fresno Fire Department says several people are being credited with saving a girl who suffered a seizure and fell into a Central Fresno canal.

According to fire officials, they responded to a call of a person into a canal near Maroa and Dayton just after 6:00 p.m. Thursday.

When they arrived they found two people in the canal holding a girl who was experiencing a medical emergency. Fire crews jumped in and helped bring the girl out of the water. At that time, they say the girl was still seizing, paramedics worked to stabilize her and transported her to the hospital.

Fire officials say if it wasn't for the girl's friend and Good Samaritan who jumped into the water, this could have had a different outcome.

Fresno Fire says this is now the fourth water rescue from a canal in the past month and a half.

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