Service truck stolen from family business in Exeter


A "sneak attack" is how one Exeter man described it after someone crept on his property Friday morning and stole his work truck.

The owner of that truck says it's valued into the thousands of dollars because of what's in it. Anthony Barba is a water well contractor and the owner of the truck. He keeps a lot of trucks on his propriety where he runs his family business.

"It's a 99' F-350, four-wheel-drive with a service bed. It had welders, torches, a pipe threader and all of the hand tools you need plus a lot of specialty tools that we need," said Barba.

He says he was asleep Friday morning when someone crept on his front yard. He thinks someone looked through each vehicle until he found one with keys in it. Barba says the thief unhooked the compressor attached and took off.

"The gates were shut, he rammed through the gates and that's where the compressor fell off," said Barba.

Barba says everything stored on the back of the service bed were tools he needed to earn a living. He even had to cancel jobs because its gone.

"We need all of that stuff and obviously we can afford to go out and buy new stuff. It's going to be a long road before we can collect all that stuff again," said Barba.

Now his only regret is leaving the keys in the ignition.

"I have so many vehicles on a given day we'll use three different vehicles. You must go back in the house and find which key goes to that vehicle. Of course, now we'll do a better job," said Barba.

If you think you've seen that service truck call Exeter police t


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