Family recovering; Sanger man's turkey dinner burn home

Holiday fire burns down home in Sanger.

A Sanger home full of memories is now in ruins after a fire on Thanksgiving burned the house down. Cathrine Jameson says her grandfather was just trying to do something nice for his wife. He thinks that embers from is turkey smoker started the fire. Cathrine says her grandparents now need help to get back on their feet.

The entrance of the home where her grandparents once greeted her is now blocked by a ceiling caved in. A collapsed roof, torched rooms and items left chard beyond recognition is what's left of the home.

"You cant even get in here it is so sad. So many memories. They will always be alive in my mind and in my heart. But they're gone,” said Jameson.

Her grandfather accidentally burned down the house cooking thanksgiving dinner for his sick wife. Cathrine says her grandmother was in the hospital when it happened.

“She fights to see my kids and she fights for me. She lives for her husband and her family ,” said Jameson.

She also say that so far an insurance adjuster hasn't been out to the property and they don't know what they're eligible for.

"They don't have power, they don't have water. They are on a well and that well is ran off of power," said Jameson.

Meanwhile she is concerned about her grandfathers health, she says his medication is just another item among the debris.

"He could go buy insulin but it's $500 a box. This doesn't really allow for him to spend $500 dollars right now which is why I started the go fund me for things like that. For medications and places to lay their heads at night," said Jameson.

Despite losing everything. Cathrine say people have been reaching out to her family to help.

Click this here if you would like to help.

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