Safety rules to review to start the school year

What students, parents and neighbors should know

If your child walks to school there are rules to be reviewed to keep them safe this school year.

Safety starts with parents but the community also needs to keep an eye out too.

Fresno Police say discussing stranger danger, walking in groups and checking in, can make a difference.

Tuesday Fresno Unified students were heading home after the last bell rang for the day.

Some kids were in groups while others walked alone. Fresno Police Sgt. Israel Reyes says it's better for kids to walk with others in case a stranger approaches.

"Like an individual that sticks out talking to a group of children, call that in. Especially if you see a young child approached by a vehicle. Most of the time

you're not gonna have a specific reason why an adult would pull up to a young child."

If you see something that looks suspicious Sgt. Reyes says don't be afraid to call police.

"We respond to all the calls like they were a true valid call. Whether it's something that's innocent or it's confirmed it's an attempted child abduction,

we have to take them all seriously until we can find otherwise."

Sgt. Reyes also recommends using the Megan's Law website to see where registered sex offenders live in your school district.

Lastly, if your child walks to school make sure they check in. "Text the parent at school when they're leaving school. It's very important the parents know

where their children are at all times."

If you would like to see if sex offenders live in your school district here's the Megan's Law link.

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