Roosevelt High baseball team thanks mentor

Members of the Roosevelt High baseball team meet with James Oftedal at Clovis Community Hospital

Members of the Roosevelt High School baseball team got the chance to say thanks Tuesday to one of the men who has meant so much to them.

James Oftedal helped raise funds for equipment and inspire the team.

Oftedal is a Roosevelt alumnus.

Last week he encouraged them with stories of the challenges he faced growing up in the same neighborhoods and told them never to doubt that they can "make it" too... and he did this just two days before he was scheduled for cancer surgery.

On Tuesday, the team came to support him.

Oftedal said, “I thank each one of you for sending me into surgery feeling that I had a larger family behind me and that I had a lot of good prayers and good thoughts behind me. I knew I was going to beat cancer. Thank you and God bless you guys."

Oftedal is currently recovering from his surgery at the hospital where the team jersey hangs on the wall of his room.

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