Ring doorbell thief hits five homes in Clovis neighborhood overnight

Crook rips out ring doorbell surveillance cameras

A burglar is on the prowl in a southeast Clovis neighborhood. Clovis Police say he hit five homes overnight and never went past the front porch.

Surveillance video caught the crook in action early Tuesday morning in a Clovis neighborhood near Ashlan and DeWolf.

There's a camera in the ring doorbell but the bad guy is more concerned about the gadget than being caught on camera. Clovis Police Sergeant Jim Munro is leading the investigation.

"It's kind of ironic that something they purchased to try and keep their house secure is getting stolen. The nice thing is even though they're getting stolen we

were able to retrieve a decent photo of the suspect."

This isn't the first time a thief has used a crowbar to pry a ring doorbell out of a front porch. But five homes were hit overnight.

"It's the first time we've seen so many in one night. We have had two prior in March and April. It's unknown what they're doing with them."

Police say these surveillance cameras are wireless and they store video. The ring doorbell is gone but the picture of the bad guy may help police track him down.

Clovis Police say the ring doorbells can be reactivated if they're not damaged when they're pulled out of the wall. Police believe crooks are hoping to sell it

quickly online. If you recognize the thief you're encouraged to call Clovis Police at 559 324-2800.

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