Rep. Devin Nunes takes aim at the Fresno Bee in new ad

Rep. Nunes posted the video to his Facebook page on Wednesday. In the video, the congressman comments on the Bee's "creepy" tactics and how reporters visited his neighbors' and relatives' homes.

Rep. Devin Nunes is taking aim at the Fresno Bee in a new campaign ad.

The Valley Congressman accused the Bee of writing fake news stories about him.

The latest feud stems from a Northern California winery which Nunes is an investor.

He claims the Bee is working closely with left wing groups to get its information.

The Bee counters that it has reached out several times to get his side of the story.

Rep. Nunes won't talk to the Fresno Bee but he left a message for the paper on Facebook.

The Fresno Bee had this to say about the ad:

The Fresno Bee stands behind its coverage of Rep. Devin Nunes. It’s interesting to now hear from the congressman, since we made multiple attempts to reach him for comment prior to publication of the winery story, and every story that we’ve produced about him. That’s what good journalists do. It was his choice not to speak with us, as it is his choice to spend his campaign funds to produce an ad attacking The Bee.
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