Remembering local country artist Kevin Blake Willard

Local country artist Kevin Blake Willard.

FRESNO, Calif.,---Country music fans in the Central Valley are now mourning the loss of a local country music artist. The lead singer of the Cadillac Cowboys, Kevin Blake Willard died Tuesday. He was involved in a major car accident in Hanford.

Kiss Country Radio Personality Jody Jo is longtime friend of the country musician. She says Willard had a niche for making people feel good, like he did at her wedding in almost 20 years ago. Jody Jo said Willard was a hometown boy always playing shows and dedicated to his fans.

“He was always saying hi to everybody, making sure they got hi-fived or hugged. I'm going to take his love of music. He had a huge love of music,” said Jo.

Willard was supposed to perform with the Cadillac Cowboys for an upcoming show this weekend at Coarsegold Rodeo. A memorial service for Kevin Blake Willard is pending. He was 47-years-old.

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