Remains found in abandoned pick-up in Coarsegold

Remains found in abandoned pick-up in Coarsegold

It's been a trying few months for Diana McVay and her niece Patricia Carter.

They told FOX 26 News they are working hard to find out who a box full of ashes belongs to.

"I am sure this person, whoever's in the box, meant something to somebody. And in the end, I think that it's important that everybody belonged to somebody," said Diana.

Dianna and her husband own a cleaning company based in Coarsegold. She says five months ago they were cleaning a client's property when they came across an abandoned truck. She says at first they thought nothing of it.

"We were getting everything out of it because it was full of trash and junk," said McVay.

She says she found the box while going through the rubbish.

"I wasn't sure what to do with it. I spoke to the owner of the property and the owner was not aware of the remains being there and said you can go ahead and get rid of them and we didn't feel right about doing that," said Diane.

Instead of throwing them away they brought the box home. Some of the words on the label have peeled off but the name "Jan Pitkanen" is still fully visible. So, they turned to Patricia who believed that was enough to do a quick online search and make a Facebook post.

"I have went as far as, on Facebook, using this last name and trying to reach people with this last name and ask if they knew who this was, and sharing the picture with them, but at this point I haven't gotten a response from nobody," said Patricia.

Even though the trail is now cold. They're still holding out to reunite the box of ashes with its owners one day.

"So, they do belong to somebody and we are just trying to find that person," said Diane.

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