Proposition 7 attempts to make daylight saving time permanent

Proposition 7 attempts to make daylight saving time permanent

Are California voters ready to say good bye to spring forward and fall back?

Proposition Seven would start the process so we never have to change our clocks.

Prop 7 was put on the ballot by the legislature. It took San Jose Assemblyman Kansen Chuh three tries just to get it on the ballot.

If it fails nothing changes. But if approved by voters, a timely process lies ahead.

It needs to pass in both the state senate and assembly. A two-thirds vote is required in each house.

The next step requires the state of California to get approval from the federal government.

Current federal law does not allow states to adopt year round daylight saving time.

It does allow states to opt out and remain on standard time all year.

That's why Arizona and Hawaii never change their clocks.

If Congress gives California the green light and the President signs the bill, daylight saving time would become permanent.

Proposition 7 is something the California Democratic Party and the Republican Party agree on.

Both support Prop 7. The California Farm Bureau took no position on it.

Again, if Prop 7 fails, we continue to spring forward and fall back like usual.

If voters say yes then it will be a lengthy road to create time change in California.

On an historic note the nation switched to daylight saving time during World War II to save energy.

In 1949, California voters approved a measure with established daylight saving time in the golden state.

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