Pro surfers put Lemoore Wave Pool to #TheTest

Kelly Slater Wave Co. in Lemoore (FOX26)

Pro surfers are in Lemoore surfing at Kelly Slater Wave Company.

A row of tall trees hides what some long considered the best kept secret in the surfing world.

Tuesday, the top names in the sport, from Australia to Brazil and even South Africa, got to check it out – in California’s Central Valley.

“I just walked into the future,” said six-time world surfing champion Stephanie Gilmore.

The event was built as what's being called "Surf Ranch" along Jackson Avenue, east of Highway 41 near Lemoore.

It belongs to 11-time World Surfing League Champion Kelly Slater.

Kelly made his dream of an artificial wave for training a competing a reality.

It was a test run, to see if there’s a future for events at this caliber, in a man-made wave pool that measures 70 yards by 700 yards.

Admission was by invitation only.

But that didn’t keep the sport’s faithful fans from taking a stab at catching a glimpse of their favorite surfers, and into the future of the sport.

“We gotta move that way, the building is blocking us!” said Michael Ciramella, writer for Stab Magazine, a surfing publication, atop a mechanical lift.

He and his colleagues rented it to snap pictures of the event over the fence.

“We're doing everything in our power to still get a good look at it and cover it to the best of our abilities," he said.

Ciramella was in awe as he looked over pictures of the event on social media.

"He made a perfect wave that barrels for I don't even know how long… 300 meters? And getting a 20 second barrel is every surfer's dream!" he said.

Ciramella said the so-called seven godfathers of surfing were at the event, dubbed “The Test” adding to its significance.

"They're all here because they know how important this moment is going to be for the history of surfing," Ciramella said.World Surf League: The aim of the test is to determine what a future broadcast will look like, so while our broadcast team is here on site experimenting, the mission is to explore new options, many of which aren't ready for prime time coverage just yet.

Click here to learn more about the Kelly Slater Wave Company.

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