Porterville man helps rescue Texas flooding victims

Scott Bowler from Porterville is in Texas helping flood victims (Courtesy: Scott Bowler)

It’s one thing to watch the devastation in Texas following Hurricane Harvey.

But Scott Bowler of Porterville says it’s another thing, to see it in person.

“It's wild. A whole different scenario,” he says.

Bowler is volunteering with the search and rescue group known as “Angel in a Hummer.”

It is helping rescue flood victims from their homes, and get them to areas where they can be taken by buses to shelters.

“I drove six hours Friday afternoon to San Diego and then a 24 hours straight shot to Texas,” he says.

“Monday we were in Houston. We were in a different spot yesterday. Today we're in Missouri, Texas.”

Bowler says local authorities are telling them and others where to go.

Many areas are isolated as result of all the water.

“It's waist deep in most areas we've been in. And deeper, chest deep. Vehicles can't get out, so they're just stranded,” Bowler says.

Bowler connected with the group earlier this year.

The group has members from across California, but he is the only one from the Central Valley.

He says the response from volunteers and organizations—both governmental and non-governmental—has been outstanding.

"We've passed National Guard, we've passed many many buses hauling people out. Ambulances and convoys… there's a lot of support,” he says. “There's a lot of response to help these people."

Bowler works with CSET in Tulare County, helping families overcome poverty.

He helped families during the drought, by organizing water drives for those in East Porterville.

But the devastation he’s now seeing is on an entirely different level.

"Seeing the families, things they have lost. You see people walking down the street with a trash bag of stuff that's all they could get before they had to get out," he says. “A lot of prayers would help right now that's for sure."

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