Political campaigns text for votes in the Valley

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Most voters don't realize is they gave away their cell number when they registered to vote.

Remember when candidates and political action committees used to call you at home?

Now they're trying to get your attention with a text.

Bert Montelongo was shocked and upset after receiving a political text from Gavin Newsom's campaign for governor.

Sophia, a volunteer with the campaign wanted to know if he's made up his mind?

"Yes because I don't give out my number to anybody really. Don't try to sign any papers where I give out my number. I don't sign up

anything on the internet where they ask for your number. I keep it private."

What most Californians don't realize is voter registration information is available to a number of groups.

Government agencies, the media, vendors who provide information only to candidates and political campaigns.

Brandi Orth is Fresno County Clerk. "If your record contains your cell phone number or email address then these campaigns

are going to use that information to get their message out."

Orth says it is easy to have your phone number removed from your record. All it takes is re-registering and omitting your number.

"It won't change the information they already have so far this election cycle. They'll still be using it but hopefully for November they would

buy a new voter record and your information would be gone from that. Will Montelongo be making that call? "Definitely!"

If you don't want political campaigns texting you in the future get in touch with the Fresno County Clerks Office.

The number is 559-600-8683.

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