Caught on camera: Tables turn on would-be Starbucks robber, police say

    UPDATE: Video of Thursday's would-be robbery at the Starbucks near West Herndon Avenue and Route 99/Golden State Highway has been released.

    Fresno police say the suspect walked into the Starbucks with a "Transformers" mask and a replica handgun. When the clerk seemed hesitant about giving up the money, he took out his knife. Seconds later, customer Cregg Jerri, 58, snuck up behind the suspect - armed with a chair - and struck. You can see the two get into a fight that led back into another part of the store. Police say the customer took the knife and stabbed the would-be robber several times until he took off running.

    Police say Jerri was stabbed in the neck but will be OK; they're calling him a hero.

    As for the suspect, he was found a few blocks away and will be booked when he’s out of the hospital.



    FRESNO, Calif. (KMPH) - Police say a man went into the Starbucks at North Golden State Boulevard and West Kathryn Avenue Thursday afternoon wearing a mask and demanded money from the clerks.

    According to investigators, a customer sitting at a table working on his computer confronted the man. That's when detectives say the suspect stabbed the customer. They fought and according to police, the customer was able to take the knife and stab the suspect, who later took off in a brown Ford pickup.

    Police say they found who they believe to be the would-be robber later at West Ashlan Avenue and North Fruit Avenue. He was bleeding heavily and claimed he had been the victim of a carjacking. The man was taken to an area hospital with what are being called "significant injuries."

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