Police say road rage may have led to crash at Fresno IRS

    Police say road rage may have led to crash at Fresno IRS

    Police got a call Friday morning that a man crashed his vehicle into the fence at the IRS Processing Center in Fresno.

    Police say an employee of the center told them she was driving on Kings Canyon near Maple and the man was following her in a gray Chrysler.

    The woman says she thinks the man thought she honked at him.

    When she got to the IRS facility, she showed her ID at the gate and drove into the parking lot but the man followed without stopping.

    Security personnel went after the man and say he started driving recklessly in the parking lot and rammed several fences.

    Police say the man had an opportunity to drive through the downed fence on but kept driving in the lot and going in circles on the grass.

    They say he eventually rammed another fence, which hit a security guard, and then drove off.

    Police found the gray Chrysler abandoned on Kings Canyon near the fairgrounds.

    A short time later, police got a call from the registered owner of the car, reporting it had been stolen.

    Officers confronted the registered owner and she told them her son told her the car was stolen.

    Security personnel at the IRS center are armed and did draw their weapons but did not fire at the man.

    Police are collecting evidence and statements from witnesses and expect to take the man in custody Friday afternoon.

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