Police say serial indecent exposure suspect arrested in Fresno

Robert Chavez is accused of exposing and touching himself in public

41-year-old Robert Chavez was arrested Wednesday morning after multiple reports of lewd conduct in public.

Police say Chavez went into the A U-Neek Boo-Teek store on Blackstone Ave. in Fresno on Tuesday, May 10th.

The store manager said Chavez was behaving bizarre and reached his hand down his pants.

The manager said she armed herself with mace called 911 and Chavez eventually left.

Chavez returned to the store on Friday and reportedly acted in a similar fashion with a different employee. She yelled at him and he left.

On Tuesday, police were called to the Fresno Family Counseling Center on Palm Ave. where an employee said Chavez came in and showed her his penis.

Police located Chavez nearby and arrested him. He was booking into the Fresno County Jail and released the same day.

A warrant was issued for lewd conduct in a public place for the earlier incident at A U-Neek Boo-Teek and he was rearrested on Wednesday.

Officers were able to identify Chavez and say he was arrested a year ago after they say he repeatedly went into a business in the Pinedale area and fondled himself in front of female employees.

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