Fresno P.D. reunites stolen dog with its owners


The Fresno Police Department was able to locate 'Champ' and reunite him with his family Friday evening.


The Fresno Police Department is looking for a crook who stole a beloved family pet from a Fresno Walmart parking lot.

Police say it happened on May 13th at 8:00 a.m. in the Walmart parking lot located at 5125 E. King Canyon Road.

According to officers, the dog was following its owner when the driver of a 90s Chevy pickup drove up, got out of the truck and took the dog.

The owners of "Champ" the Shiatzu are very distraught and feel they have lost a member of their family.

Police say they believe the driver of the truck may have thought the dog was abandoned because it was following a short distance behind its owner.

If you recognize this vehicle please contact Detective Donnie Dinnell of the Fresno Police Department’s Southeast District at (559) 621-6334. Fresno Police say if you are the person that has the dog, there will be no questions asked, they only want to return the dog to his owners who are truly lost without him. This case is documented under Fresno PD 18-32150.

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