Police Chaplain under investigation, daughter tried breaking into home

FOX26 News has learned a Fresno Police Chaplain is now under investigation in connection to vandalism that was caught on a doorbell camera.

The video from Saturday, just after midnight, shows a woman approaching a home in Fresno's Tower District.

She demands to be let in-- and later removes a window screen and breaks a window.

"To me, the moment that she was inside the window with her arms reaching in, that seemed to last forever to me," says Christine Paul, the homeowner. "In the video I looked back, and it was only a few seconds she had her arms in, but it was so much longer."

Paul, who is a retired police officer, could be heard threatening to shoot the woman, who has been identified as Hannah Nakagawa.

It wasn't until Fresno Police were down the street that Nakagawa hid behind a pillar, and later cooperated with officers.

Nakagawa was arrested and cited her for misdemeanor vandalism.

Fresno Unified confirms Nakagawa is a teacher with the district.

The following day, Paul received a visit from a man wearing a Fresno Police Chaplain shirt.

"Christina... I just want to introduce myself. My daughter is the one who broke your window," he said.

Paul replied, "You cannot be here," and slammed the door.

"I called 9-1-1 screaming, 'He's at my door and he's in his chaplain uniform,'" Paul said. "He's representing a department. You have to trust in law enforcement."

"Only in situations where chaplains are called out to help a victim do we have chaplains respond to locations like that," said Lt. Mark Hudson with Fresno Police.

"[He] was probably trying to make contact, make things right. We're looking into that. Internally, that will be investigated."

Paul says she's outraged Nakagawa was only charged with vandalism.

She says more charges should have been tacked on.

Hudson, who looked at police reports, says it appeared Nakagawa had been drunk.

"She had slurred speech, red, watery eyes. She was determined to be under the influence of alcohol," he says.

"She should have received public intoxication," Paul says.

"She should have been charged with breaking and entering my home. Something more severe than a slap on the hand.

"To me, I've been a victim of a crime. She broke into my house. Her arms went through my window. I saw her head at one point, as I'm holding my gun six feet away from her."

The case will be forwarded to the Fresno County District Attorney's Office to determine what charges will formally be filed.

Paul has received messages from people over social media, including a person identifying themselves as Nakagawa, asking that she take down the post with the video from Saturday morning.

She refused.

"It's news," Paul said. "People should be aware of what's happening in their neighborhood."

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