Police bust 15 criminals for selling guns, drugs and women

Fresno police arrested 15 gang members

FRESNO, Calif-- Fresno police chief called a group of criminals the scum of the Earth in a press conference, Friday after a bunch of bad guys were caught following a 10-month long investigation

Fresno Police arrested 15 people, Thursday for selling guns, drugs, and women for sex. Police said young women were lured into human sex trafficking out of high school. The Central Valley Against Human Trafficking said it even offered help on-site to women during some Fresno Police raids.

"There was a handful of them there. They were sex trafficking victims; we didn't have any minors. They were all adults but they were all young adults," said Outreach Coordinator Sarah Johnston.

Police say the women were forced into sex trafficking for years. They were drugged and sold to customers throughout Central Valley, along the coast and Southern California.

This year, the Central Valley Against Human Trafficking has seen 96 victims of sex trafficking. Out of that 59 minors and 55 adults of human trafficking.

"It's this process of wooing a girl. The girls genuinely think these guys loves them. Often times it happens through social media and through this sort of relationship building they are promised love. They are promised a better life, a glamorous lifestyle. That's how they get pulled into it," said Johnston.

Advocates against sex crimes say parents need to make sure they're talking to their kids, even looking at their social media and paying attention to certain changes in appearance.

"If they are going on frequent trips or someone is frequently truant. You notice that someone who normally looks put together but now they look really run down, like they haven't slept in a couple of days and they haven't taken a shower. It could be the opposite. A girl you know that doesn't have the means to buy nice clothes or fancy things but all of a sudden she has a new cell phone, she has brand names clothes, a new purse and she has her hair done," said Johnston.

Once the victims get help they are offered a social worker who will assist them throughout the recovery process. Police are still looking for Gabriel Gomez, Gerrick Franklin and Daniel Villanueva.

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