Police and schools raise awareness about jaywalking in Fresno

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer posts a new sign warning against jaywalking (FOX26)

Jaywalking is a dangerous adventure crossing any Fresno street. Thursday a Fresno student who was severely hurt jaywalking helped lead a safety campaign in northeast Fresno.

Last September Ahwahnee middle school student Kevin Terry was badly hurt as he jaywalked across Bullard Avenue.

His principal Jose Guzman was with him at the hospital. "I've never been so afraid as that morning. When I saw Kevin clinging for life on that gurney it reminded me how fragile our lives are."

Fresno Unified and Fresno PD joined forces to see how they could get the attention of students and parents and promote safety.

Fresno Unified school board member Claudia Cazares got involved. "Crossing Bullard, crossing Barstow where there is not a crosswalk is not what we want to show our children."

There are now 16 signs on Bullard warning pedestrians not to cross. In the next few days Fresno motorcycle officers will become a common sight on Bullard. Initially they'll issue warnings but eventually they'll hand out tickets.

Recently Kevin Terry spoke to his classmates at Ahwahnee middle school. "I tell them not to jaywalk and to be safe and be seen."

Jaywalking is a dangerous gamble. In the past five years 81 people have been killed in pedestrian accidents. Terry has yet to return to school. "Do you miss it? Yeah cause it's boring to be looking at four walls all the time."

Thursday Terry received a thank you from Chief Dyer for helping raise awareness about the right way to cross Fresno streets.

Fresno Police say the fine for jaywalking ticket ranges from $180 to $320.

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