Pictures recovered in orchard lead to Alan Autry

Jon Elias and his friend, Alvin Hubble looked like they were on a scavenger hunt in an orange orchard near Sanger.

But this wasn't for bragging rights.

This was to re-unite someone with their past.

"It was this book, probably got broken," said Elias, holding a torn photo album.

Pictures, led to other items.

"Kindergarten name tag!" screamed Hubble.

The two men stumbled on the box in the road on Highland Avenue last week.

They stepped out of their truck to move it out of the way.

When they looked inside, they found pictures.

Many more, had been blown into the orchard.

Elias has theories.

"They accidentally fell off the back of the truck," he said. "They were in a photo album and it was really windy and they just spread."

As they looked through them, they noticed a familiar face.

"He was a good mayor!" Elias said.

He's referring to Alan Autry.

Elias and Hubble reached out to Fox26 New to connect with Autry.

Autry picked up the pictures at the station Saturday

"The pictures go way back. My mother in Oklahoma, me when I was one year old. My kids when they were very young,"

he said.

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