People trapped at Shaver Lake after 19 inches of snow falls over the weekend

Snow plows cleared Highway 168, but didn't get to smaller roads, so people are trapped in their homes till the snow melts.
Photo credit: Chris Hall

People who came up to Shaver Lake this weekend for a little get-away, are now unable to get away.

Chris Hall drove up to his vacation home Saturday afternoon.

“There was about 8 inches of snow on the ground then. Woke up this morning to another about 11 inches, to a total of 19 inches that I’ve measured. And I’m at the end of a dirt road, so I don’t know when I’m gonna get out,” said Hall.

Snow plow drivers have been working tirelessly.

But hall’s home is down a road off the highway those plows aren’t reaching, then another quarter mile down a separate dirt road.

“When I came in yesterday, the roads that Fresno County usually plows at some point were not even plowed, so I’m not sure if they’ve actually been done at this point or not, so that could be another problem,” said Hall.

And hall isn’t the only one on an unexpected extended vacation.

“My neighbors across the street are new to the area. They bought their home just in the last month, and they don’t have four-wheel drive. So they’ve been stuck here for about a week,” said Hall. “I don’t even know if chains would help, when you have got almost twenty inches of snow on the ground, and a car. It kind of ends up being a snow plow.”

Hall says he has enough food to last him a couple days, but he’s hoping to be out of there by Monday evening.

“I’ve shoveled out around my truck, just so it doesn’t freeze solid into a brick of ice, and I’m hoping that tomorrow with the sun coming up, it’ll melt enough so that I can get out of here,” said Hall.

There’s a small break in the snowfall before more arrives Wednesday morning, so Hall is hoping he can use that window to get out.

He has a flight to Hawaii he needs to catch on Friday, so he says he has to get back home to finish up some work before then.

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