People stocking up locally amid nuclear war threats

A nuclear waste sign at Top's Military Supply

CLOVIS Calif. (KMPH)- If a nuclear missile was to come in our direction. Are you prepared? That's a question Joshua Labord has answers to.

"I have flash lights, batteries, blankets. Stuff like that I can put together really quick," said Labord.

As talk of a potential nuclear war with North Korea surfaced this week, local military surplus stores say its seen more business. Kasey Overstreet says food and water should be at the top of anyone's check list. "Cans of water, they have a 50-year shelf life, depending how you store it," said Overstreet.

She also says get stuff that'll hold you over, like MRE units.

"It's 12 meals. For each portion, everything is individual. You can break it up and stretch it for a while if you wanted to," said Overstreet.

Chris Valdez says they've already sold out of iodine tablets. Those help protect against radiation.

"We ran out of those almost immediately this morning. We have more coming in tomorrow because we had them shipped for one day delivery," said Valdez.

But Valdez say it all means nothing without having a plan for you and your family.

"You need a time frame to meet, you're there and everyone should have a bag. Once you are out of the valley, you can then secure a small area until the government can come help you," said Valdez.

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