Parlier officers save 2 puppies from burning garage

Officers were able to pull two puppies to safety from a burning garage. (Courtesy: Parlier Police Department) 

Two puppies were saved from a garage fire in Parlier.

It happened Tuesday at a house in the 13700 block of Amigo Street.

When officers Corona, Jauique and Torres with the Parlier Police Department arrived on scene, they could see black smoke coming through the garage door of the house.

Police say a woman came running out of the house stating that her dogs were trapped inside of the burning garage.

Officer Corona then rushed to the garage door, pulled the handle and opened the garage door. Officer Torres then rushed inside of the garage and was able to get a hold of two puppies that were in the middle of the garage in a kennel.

Officer Torres pulled the extremely hot kennel out of the garage as the fumes and smoke filled the area. He dragged the kennel to safety, making sure the dogs were out of the fire.

As Officer Corona was trying to get another dog out from the burning garage, he sustained a minor burn to his hand.

Police say propane tanks in the area began to go off, causing the fire to escalate quicker than usual. Looking out for their safety, officers on scene had to back up from the area.

Fresno County Fire then arrived on scene and worked quickly to put the fire out.

Police say unfortunately neither the officers nor Fresno County firefighters were able to save the third dog inside of the burning garage.

The two puppies who were saved were returned safely to their owners.

Thanks to the bravery and quick actions of the officers and hard work of the firefighters, police say the fire was put out and no further damage was done.

Crews were even able to save the family's Christmas tree.

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