UPDATE: Los Banos officers recovering, man killed in gun battle

The suspect involved in the office involved shooting in Los Banos has been identified as Norberto Nieblas Reyes

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 1, 2017 - The Merced County Sheriff's Office released the name of the man killed in a shootout with Los Banos police on Monday as 39-year-old Norberto Nieblas Reyes.

Also, the Los Banos Police Department announced on Tuesday the two officers shot on Monday are doing much better.

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Two Los Banos Police Officers are now recovering after they were shot, while responding to a call of a break-in at an apartment on Gilbert Gonzalez, Jr. Drive.

The man, accused of shooting the officers, was killed the shootout.

"It was bizarre waking up to gunshots, yelling and commotion... scary," said Valory Ferro, who lives nearby.

Police received the call before 6:30 a.m. Monday.

Officers were in between shifts.

One arrived as he was about to clock out.

Another was just starting his work day.

The call came from one of five children in the apartment unit.

He told police the man was his father, who had been separated from his mother for about a year.

Neighbors were awakened by the commotion.

"The officer kept telling him to get on the ground, get down on the ground. He wouldn't comply," said a neighbor, who wanted be to identified as Kendra.

Police dispatch audio documents the chaotic moments that followed.

"Taser deployed," said one officer.

Police say the man was able to remove the Taser probes.

"Shots fired," an officer said, moments later.

A dispatcher confirms, saying, "Copy. Shots fired."

"I'm bleeding," an officer could be heard saying moments later.

At one point, one of the officers shot the man.

The man, whose name has not been released, was flown to a Modesto hospital where he died.

One of the officers had been shot once in the upper body.

Another, three times.

Both were flown to Modesto and underwent surgery.

One is already alert and sharing with fellow officers what he survived.

"We train for things like this. We hope we never have to use that training," Reyna said.

Commander Rey Reyna says dispatchers were crucial in the moments that followed the shootings.

"I believe they are also a huge reason why our officers survived. They got them help, they were able to relay all the information. They were able to contact medical aid for them," he said.

Both officers were wearing body cameras, and police are now reviewing that video.

One of the officers has been with Los Banos Police for one year.

The other officer has been with the force for six years.

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