Notorious 'porch pirate' arrested

Police say this woman, Alice Bingham, was caught on camera walking up to a porch, and stealing packages.

According to the Clovis Police Department, notorious porch pirate Alice Bingham has now been arrested.

Police say she was arrested on unrelated charges, but has been positively identified as the woman caught on camera just last week snatching a package off of a porch in Clovis.

Michael Rodriguez says after his wife posted the video on Facebook, they got a huge reaction. Several people said they recognized the woman from other similar videos.

“Everybody who saw it chimed in and said, I know this woman, I know this woman, I know this woman. This is the woman from the news about six months ago, or this is the woman they’re calling the porch pirate," said Rodriguez.

He contacted Clovis Police and filed a report.

Police tell FOX26 a new case will now be presented to the District Attorney's office.

According to officials, Alice Bingham was previously arrested in June of this year after a Fresno County deputy says she admitted to the a number of other thefts.

She is now facing a number of petty theft charges.

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