North Korea nuclear war threats; Cold War echoes

North Korea nuclear war threats; Cold War echoes (Image from CNN Newsource)

For the first time since the Cold War, there’s the potential of a nuclear attack. Those who lived through it, remember the Cuban Missile Crisis like it was yesterday.

"The whole family got together. My mother was crying and my father being a Korean War Veteran was a little nervous because, for the first time in the history of our country, there was the capability that the Cubans had a missile that could actually reach the United States," said Veteran John Hernandez.

"We were going through freshman orientation when all of it went down. We were listening to it through their monitoring system and people were freaking. I think President Kennedy did an incredible job, he kept us out of a war," said Derrick Jones.

But what about today? Now that there are reports North Korea has miniaturized missiles and is threatening to take out Guam where the U.S. has thousands of troops.

“When I was a young man we had civil defense. Roosevelt High School where I graduated had a civil defense shelter there… But now I think it's a reality that all Americans have to face. We should not only be afraid, but we should be prepared,” said Veteran John Hernandez.

"If it does happen, if nuclear comes over, I know what our response will be, I know what mine would be. Instant retaliation, wipe out North Korea, obliterate it. But that's total nuclear war. We don't need that,” said Jones.

There is a WWII air raid siren at fast food restaurant near McKinley Ave in Fresno. The owner of the business says it was used to warn people of a nuclear attack, but it doesn’t work. According to Fresno Police Departments website a text system, Code Red is in place. It helps to keep people informed of an air strike.

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