E-Dor: A new tool designed to stop porch pirates

A man stealing a package off front porch.

They typically strike with-in minutes of a delivery. Porch pirates are on the prowl to take anything they can get away with. Even when home surveillance cameras are rolling, they're bold enough walk up to someones porch and snatch what's in sight. Costing consumers and retailers a ton of money says Royce Newcomb, the owner of Strategic Innovations.

"For the person receiving a packaged it's always inconvenient. It is never fun. Also if they can prove it was stolen then the sender often times has to replace it," said Newcomb.

To help people protect their stuff. Newcomb says his company has stepped up to the challenge with new technology, the E-Dor. Once installed, Newcomb says the electronic door allows you to securely receive deliveries from packages, dry cleaning, prescription drugs to groceries and more.

"Anybody who comes and delivers, they have an E-Key that automatically opens the exterior compartments. Then the interior compartment expand and allows the package to be put inside," said Newcomb.

For high security purposes Newcomb says there is a Biometric lock that only authorized users can gain access through finger print. And if your package is too big to fit? There is an feature to safely secure items on the porch says Newcomb, "We have E-Tether, that design is if the system is full in anyway or if there's a bigger or bulky package it will alarm it." He says if someone tries to steal a package an alarm will sound and send and alert.

"We have the solution," said Newcomb.

E-Dor isn't available to the public yet but Newcomb says the company is currently looking for companies to partner with.

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