New hoaxes make the rounds on Valley social media

One woman claims she was almost kidnapped at Costco in Hanford

There are two new hoaxes making the rounds on Valley social media. The posts describe scary incidents at two Valley Costco stores.

Law enforcement check out the posts and determined it's all make believe.

The posts on Facebook go into great detail and sound frightening. They're gained a lot of momentum on social media but the Kings County Sheriff,

Fresno and Hanford Police determined there's no truth to any of these reports.

One woman went into great detail about stranger danger at the Fresno River Park Costco.

She claims a man started following her, her Mom and seven month old son in the store. The three made it to the pharmacy where the pharmacist called security

and the man quickly ran away. The woman even provided a description of the bad guy.

Fresno Police checked an entire month on its call sheet and couldn't find one case similar to what was posted.

Then there's the post about a near kidnapping at the Hanford Costco.

A woman writes that four men tried to abduct her at the gas station. She claims they tried to block her car by the gas pumps but she was able to get away.

The bad guys followed her so she called 911. The dispatcher told her to get off at the next exit where deputies were waiting. She claims one man was arrested but the other three got away.

She posted a picture of the getaway vehicle a blue Ford truck. Sheriff's deputies say the entire incident never happened. As for the blue Ford there are no outstanding warrants on the owner of the truck.

These posts have been shared countless times. They sound believable but law enforcement say both stories are fiction.

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