New gun laws going into effect in 2018

There are some new gun laws that are set to go into effect in 2018.

There are some new gun laws that are set to go into effect in 2018.

Here are a few of them:

People will still be able to own assault rifles but they cannot buy them anymore.

That includes assault rifles equipped with "bullet buttons."

Those bullet button rifles used to be exempt from being banned, because they required a tool to release the gun’s magazine rather than just the push of a finger, making them slower to reload.

But through new legislation, they are considered assault weapons.

They also need to be registered — and soon. Those who own firearms classified as “assault weapons” (including the bullet button assault rifles) need to register them by July 1, 2018, with the California Department of Justice (DOJ) or modify them so they are no longer deemed assault weapons.

Those who don’t wish to make their rifles “featureless” need to register their assault weapon with the DOJ, by visiting

Another law going into effect is that people can no longer gift assault weapons.

Once you own the assault weapon, it is yours for life.

According to the Department of Justice, neither assault weapons nor .50 BMG rifles can be sold or transferred to a family member. Registered assault weapons or Registered .50 BMG rifles can be sold to certain California Peace Officers with written approval from the head of their law enforcement agency.

In addition, if you own an assault weapon, you “have to carry your registration with you. You have to legally prove you are able to possess that firearm.”

Here are a few laws that will be affecting ammunition.

After Jan. 1, 2018, California residents hoping to purchase ammunition will no longer be able to order ammunition online and have it sent directly to their homes or other desired locations. They will have to have it sent to a DOJ licensed vendor in California to be processed.

According to the California Penal Code section 30314, beginning Jan. 1, 2018, California residents “shall not bring or transport into this state any ammunition that he or she purchased or otherwise obtained from outside of this state unless he or she first has that ammunition delivered to a licensed ammunition vendor for delivery to that resident…”

There are some exemptions to who can import ammunition, which includes ammunition dealers and active law enforcement is exempt from that. The other is if it is delivered to you by a family member.

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