New cancer center institute in Clovis opens

    Dr. Uzair Chaudhary shows us the new state-of-the-art CyberKnife area in the center.<p>{/p}

    There's a new and unique cancer treatment and research center in Clovis that will make it easier for patients to get the help they need all in one place.

    The $68 million project is on the Clovis Community Campus on Temperance near the 168.

    Dr. Uzair Chaudhary, an oncologist and hematologist with UCSF Fresno and Community Regional, gave FOX26 News a tour of Community’s new Cancer Institute Wednesday.

    "We are really excited to be in the cancer center, finally," Chaudhary said. "It’s really exciting that finally we will have a place where cancer patients will be able to get all of their care and treatment under one roof," he said.

    Chaudhary said in addition to the services they'll be offering, they'll also have training for the new fellows who will likely lead cancer delivery in the Central Valley.

    Chaudhary said cancer patients need a lot of imaging and usually have to schedule them a different facilities.

    "But here, they are able to come in and get whatever imaging they want," he said. "As you can see the roof, how soothing this is for patients when they come here and this is our CyberKnife area where we can do focal or very localized radiation therapy," Chaudhary said.

    The third floor of the cancer center is the area where staff will be giving chemotherapy infusions to cancer patients.

    "We have designed it actually for their comfort as you can see the seats are very spread apart, and then you have a view," Chaudhary said.

    He said the area can easily accommodate more than 50 patients.

    "That number is a big deal to be able to deliver chemotherapy to for 50 patients in one day and in this environment to make sure that they are able to stay here that long comfortable," Chaudhary said.

    There is even an third floor terrace where patients and staff are able to step outside to enjoy.

    "I don’t think this is available in many infusion centers," Chaudhary said.

    But one area Chaudhary said they are most excited about, is where they'll do their house or clinical trials where they'll house trial researchers and investigators.

    "I think research is an integral part for any cancer center," Chaudhary said.

    Doctors said projections for the valley show a nearly 30 percent increase in need for cancer surgeries and radiation treatments within the next decade.

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