Neighbors worry about foxes being pushed out by development in northeast Fresno

Neighbors are used to seeing a small herd of foxes in the morning and more at night.  (Photo Courtesy: Nahid Dull)

Foxes that have been a fixture in northeast Fresno for years may soon be pushed off the lot where they are living. Neighbors are used to seeing a small herd of foxes in the morning and more at night. They've dug holes all over the lot to create quite a den.

Nahid Dull who lives in the neighborhood has been enjoying their presence for years. "Sometimes they all come out, they gather and eat food. When they see people they run away."

On Tuesday Fox 26 News spotted a lone fox late Thursday morning and another early in the afternoon. Neighbors in the area at times leave water and food in plastic containers, something wildlife experts frown upon. Petco is the newest store on the lot near Friant Road and Audubon and more stores are planned.

Bill Donohue is also a long time resident of the neighborhood. "We're gonna miss the foxes when they have to leave in place of the new commercial interests that are going to take off."

Nahid Dull would like to see the entire herd relocated. "What I'm afraid I don't want them to get killed, they're beautiful. They should be saved that's my concern."

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife believes otherwise. It says the developer had to pass an environmental review before any building started on the lot. A spokesman also says the foxes aren't protected so the department won't relocate the animals.

Donohue is positive they will survive. "They're not called foxes for nothing. I think if there's a way to get across Friant Road into Woodward Park they'll find out how."

Fish and Wildlife feels the same way.

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