Neglected and malnourished: Parlier woman attempts to save horses

Parlier woman is now trying to nurse two horses back to life. She a adopted female red Quarter Horse. She's in bad shape but is undergoing rehab.

One Parlier woman is now trying to nurse two horses back to life. She says she recently got the horses that were in terrible shape.

Jamie Stamper says she is known for helping animals and when the opportunity came to take those horses home, she jumped on it.

Stamper rescued a red quarter horse along with a male thoroughbred. Both needed a lot of attention, but she says the red horse was skin and bone with sores oozing with puss.

"Most people would look at this horse and think she is too far gone," said Stamper.

Stamper says so far, the horses have undergone bath treatments. A veterinarian is also caring for wounds and other needs.

" We think that led to an infection. She was lead to pasture without shelter and that's how she ended up with this rain rot and possibly other fungal and bacterial infections in her skin," said Stamper.

Stamper says she doesn't know much about them but thinks they could be retired patrol horses.

"They are very, very, very friendly. If these really are retired police horses, I think they deserve an amazing retirement. It is not fair to let this happen just for her to be put down. She needs to know some joy and love," said Stamper.

She also thinks the previous owners couldn't afford to keep them. There is little information about the horse like their name or age. Stamper says blood work is now in process to figure out if the horse has internal parasites.

If you want to donate, all proceeds go to Lone Oak Veterinarian Clinic in Visalia.

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