Mural on Oakhurst cafe wall causes stir

A mural on the side of a coming cafe in Oakhurst, is getting attention.

OAKHURST, Calif. (FOX26) -- A mural now on the side of what will be a new cafe in Oakhurst, is getting a lot of attention.

Most of the attention is good, some of it is bad.

Muralists were busy painting it on Tuesday.

"This is Jane the Love Ranger," Tricia Louise said. She's the owner of Love Cafe, a vegan restaurant she said she hopes to open next February. It's right on Highway 41 where it meets Highway 49.

Her husband Kent Tracy is helping to put the cafe together.

"We're putting a painting on the wall and it’s creating quite a stir," Tracy said.

Jane might be a little too much for some driving by it.

Louise said she had another mural painted along the side of the building, which caused the initial critics in a long Facebook thread.

Patricia Burke wrote, "I’m happy about the restaurant and looking forward to it opening. However, I am very disappointed in the mural."

Elizabeth Leasum also wrote, "What does Smokey the bear and the reclining naked lady have to do with water food?"

Louise said she decided to paint Jane over that original mural, but not because of those comments.

"I wasn’t changing it for anyone other than myself," Louise said.

What exactly is she trying to encompass in this mural?

"Originally I wanted a pin-up type version," Louise said. "I wanted her to be sexy and fresh and fun, and there were these naysayers I call them, that thought it was sexist and awful and it’s just like no that’s not what my intentions were at all," she said.

Louise said she's lived there for 35 years.

"I love the community I wanted something that represented Yosemite the mountains, wholesomeness, women that are courageous and brave," she said.

By the way, there's also a meditating bear on the other wall.

Louise' cafe is coming together both inside and out, just the way she wants it.

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