Mother: Son who walked into stranger's home needs help

    Hunter Attebery had been discharged from a mental health facility and walked about 9.5 miles to the house he entered.

    A man was arrested Thursday in Clovis for walking into a family’s home while they were inside. “Ring” video captured him opening the unlocked door and going inside.

    Now, that man’s mother is speaking out, saying she believes he was confused.


    Hunter Attebery had been discharged from a mental health facility and walked about 9.5 miles to the house he entered.

    The house he entered is only there streets down from his mother’s home. Both houses have red doors and dogs that bark when you approach the door.

    His mother believes Attebery was trying to go to her house.

    “Just the fact that he walked in so freely – it was like he was walking in to his house. That’s what it looked like. You could tell it just wasn’t him, he wasn’t there,” said Nicole Boragno, Attebery’s mother.

    Boragno says her son has a history of mental illness.

    He checked into exodus mental health recovery center after attempting suicide for the second time in a year.

    He’d just lost his job, his girlfriend, and a place to live – everything, all in one week,” said Boragno. “When he called me, he was crying, he didn’t want to live. And then he was out, 24 hours later. I don’t know how that happened.”

    That was January 2nd. Borgano expected her son to be at the mental health facility for a few days.

    So when he showed up on her Ring app the next morning, walking into someone else’s house, she was surprised, to say the least.

    “He was literally there not even 24 hours,” said Boragno. “I’m more concerned about why he was out so early when we were trying to get him help.”

    Preston Holder, the man whose home Attebery walked into Thursday said Attebery acted strangely, but didn’t seem necessarily dangerous.

    “There was just no intention at all in his eyes. Just no intention. No intention on coming at me, no intention on leaving or staying. It was a weird interaction,” said Holder.

    “He read him right, there was something wrong with him. So that could have ended badly, and I’m glad it didn’t,” said Boragno.

    Boragno says she hasn’t reached out to the family whose home her son walked into, but she does want them to know she’s grateful for how they handled the situation.

    “I do feel lucky that he didn’t get shot. I also feel sad for the family and how scared they were. I’m very sad that that happened to them,” said Boragno through tears.

    Attebery is being monitored on a suicide watch in the jail. His mother says it’s good he’s being monitored, but ultimately, she worries that being in jail will make his depression and anxiety worse.

    Boragno has already been in contact with Kaiser Permanente to try to get her son into an in-patient program once he’s out of jail.

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